Perfect Shot

Image Spot for Némethy Horseback Archery

Dir: Bálint Sós, DoP: Gábor Garai, Producer/Production Manager: Adam Heisler, Phantom Camera Crew: Gyuri Horváth, Péter Kotschy, Éliás Zsolt, Lighting Crew: VisionTeam, SFX: Princz SFX, Make-up: Barbara Kund, Editing: Péter Politzer, VFX, Online: Umbrella, Colorist: Ádám Halász, Music: Péter Sabák, Sound Post Production: Btoven Music NYC, Studio-H BUD


Hungary has been a connection link between
West and East for 1111 years

The horseback archery is both a tradition and a sport, which connects the past with the present, the East with the West.

Due to a decision of the International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) in 2017, the Hungarian Horseback Archery Academy was given the opportunity to organize the First Horseback Archery Open World Championships in 2018, in Pomáz, Hungary, at the location of the Hungarian Castle Camp.

The decision of the IHAA on holding the competition was primarily motivated by the Horseback Archery European Championships organized by our Academy in May 2017 in Pomáz, the location of the forthcoming World Championships. At the European Championships, 51 competitors from 12 countries took part. The high professional quality of the organization, the warm hospitality, the well-trained horses and the excellent facilities of the site gained the appreciation of the IHAA, the competitors and the whole horseback archery society.

The success of the 2017 Horseback Archery European Championships guarantees the successful organization of the First Horseback Archery Open World Championships in July 2018.

At the World Championship organized between 5th-8th July 2018, 136 competitors from 34 countries around the world will be received and hosted in Pomáz, in the Hungarian Castel Camp. The competitors and their accompanying persons will spend 6 days in Pomáz, in a ca. 60-acre area of the Majdán plateau having extraordinary natural endowments. There will be three horseback archery tracks corresponding to the three horseback archery styles (Hungarian, Polish, Korean), and additionally, about 60 well-trained horses will be available for allowing a convenient competition. A full board and lodging will be arranged for the competitors, and many other facilities usually associated with such sport events will be provided.

The horseback archery has been increasingly popular all around the world from Japan through Korea, Malaysia, Iran and Turkey to Western Europe. Its continuously growing keen society extends to the United States, and even to Australia, but there are outstanding horseback archers also in Sweden, Finland and South Africa. There are some countries where this superb sport has survived or revived due to the traditions of the nomad life or the martial arts, whereas in other countries this sport has become attractive because of a new and exciting combination of horse-riding and archery.

The International Horseback Archery Alliance (IHAA) incorporating the major part of the horseback archery competitors of the world has established a competition scheme that combines the most significant competition styles, provides a frame for them and integrates various types of competitions existing in different regions of the world.

The Asian style, the so-called Korean style is dynamic and it focuses on the individual shots made during a full gallop. The Polish style, which has been developed by the Polish and the French, is a spectacular field event offering an enjoyable competition. The Hungarian style requires outstanding horse-riding and arching skills and this refined style is characterized by the extremely high shooting speed and multiple shots.

The Hungarian horseback archery has a good reputation all over the world, our competitors are always very successful. After winning three European Champion titles by the competitors of the Hungarian Horseback Archery Academy, our horseback archers gained a first place in the Junior category, as well as a second place and a fourth place in the adult category at the Horseback Archery European Championships 2017 organized by the IHAA and the French Tour Horse-rider Federation (FFE) in France. When participating at an international competition anywhere in the world, the Hungarian horseback archers finish at the first three places in most cases, like in France, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan, USA, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, etc.

We are proud of the fact that horseback archery as a sport has revived thanks to Hungary and the Hungarian. The Hungarian Horseback Archery Academy integrates the knowledge and experience of many horseback archery masters of the world into its own system, thereby each style (i.e. Hungarian, Polish and Korean) is involved in our competitions.

The life, the work and the experiences of numerous Hungarian archers, horse-riders and horseback archers are incorporated in each one of our shots. We could not receive the honorable invitation to organize the First Horseback Archery Open World Championships without the estimable life-work of our world-famous Lajos Kassai, Bertalan Némethy, Dr. Gyula Fábián.

Horseback archery draws high attention in every country of the world, its main attractive force comes from the new and exciting combination of horse-riding and archery sports. As a connecting link between Europe and the Far East, we make obeisance to the heroes of the Pozsony-battle, which took place 1111 years ago, to those heroes who through their victory, gave the opportunity to the Hungarians to survive within the Carpathian basin.